środa, 15 lipca 2015


There was and is a lot going on on my needles. But I don’t have the time (and tools) to take a picture. There are some pretty good looking FO around here recently tough. :-)

First a scarf I named “O” for my mother-in-law to be. It’s from this pattern and I highly recommend it as it is totally reversible. Don’t know about you, but what really annoys me in lace projects is that they look good only on one side. Well this problem does not exist in here as the lace pattern is based on garter stitch. I made it with 4ply fingering wool and 4.5mm needles. It came out a little stiff and needed brutal blocking to open up the lace. I also made it in solid natural/undyed color.

Will I do it again? I think I will but with a) larger needles (I do knit extremely tight) b) with a yarn that has tones of drape (I’m thinking bamboo or silk) c) probably in some kind of batik or ombre.

Second there was a set for my fiancé. A cap and a simple cowl. He asked me for a hat that would fit under a climbing helmet and a matching cowl. Could any knitter say no to a request like that? Think not. The cowl it’s just a plain tube – no pattern. And the cap is Rambled. I used the wonderful Unisono yarn (it has all the certificates you can dream of, and it’s soaked with Aloe Vera extract so it’s super friendly to the sensitive skin) and 4.5mm needles. The pattern is a dream – simple and stunning. And it fits perfectly. The cowl however did not work so great. The edges are rolling too much, so I’ll have rework them. 

Will I do it again? Definitely. This pattern is so versatile, I think it’ll stay with us for a long time.

Third I made a hat for myself. Molly. I used a beautiful colorway of Cascades 220 Heathers in shades of blue and green. The pattern was clear and well written but it turned out a lot to big. I do have a very small head. So what I improvised. Took the pattern as a guide and modified it. It ended up ok, but I’m not swept of my feet by the end result. The drape is not quite as I wanted it to be, but oh well – I’ll wear it anyway because of that beautiful color.

Will I do it again? Nope.

Next we have Peggy. The minicardi made with the lovely Peggy Sue pattern. I made it with Xima Medusa (it’s a Polish cotton blend) and 4mm needles. It was my third attempt at this pattern (I think) and I was determined to finish it this time. And I did. I run low on the yarn and had to modify the sleeves (made cup sleeves – extra short, but it look nice). After sewing everything I ended up with a 30cm piece of yarn. That was close. ;-) I still have to wash the damn thing and sew on buttons. I hate finishing garments. 

Will I do it again? Maybe – the 300 stitches at the end of the raglan increase do make me think twice tough. ;-)

And last but not least Reyna. A simple shawlette made with sock yarn in a mix of intensive colors (with the majority of neon pink). A totally mindless knit. It was perfect for knitting in the train and on the lakeside. It’s finished but not blocked yet. I hope to do this today (ha ha…).

Will I do it again? I don’t think so. I’ll probably opt for something more complicated next time.

So this is it for my recently FO. I promise I’ll make some photos next week. See you soon!

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