poniedziałek, 21 stycznia 2013

Inspiration Monday

# 33
Because of my recent love for aqua-blue ;-P / Z powodu mojej ostatniej miłości do koloru miętowego ;-P

And I am planning to explain myself for not being here for so long. I am, seriously! ;-) / I planuję się wytłumaczyć dlaczego mnie tu tak długo nie było. Naprawdę! ;-)

sobota, 12 stycznia 2013

The pattern


A gift for my friend Ola, and for all of you. A cowl to cast a spell on winter (which is not so much wintery here in Poland this year) so that it’ll become the kind of white lovely season we all love. (It’s funny – now when I’m writing those words – it’s snowing. I guess the magic works. ;-)

Stuff you need:
2 skeins of Opus Polo Natura (50% wool, 50% acrylic, 100g/200m) in color cream (no. 232)
4.5 mm circular needle

Cast on 200 st, join in the round. Knit one row. Change to rib 4x4 (4K, 4P). Rib for 7 rows. Change to plain stocking stitch. Knit plain for 10 round. Now start the snowflakes using chart below:

White squares are K, black squares are P.

After first round of snowflakes knit plain for 10 rounds, then make second round of snowflakes. Knit for 10 rounds, rib in 4x4 for 7 rows, knit 1 row and cast off. Block to achieve pretty snowflakes.

This is how simple spells happen. ;-)